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I think a congratulation is already in order. If you are reading this page, you were sent here based on a recommendation from one of our esteemed and respected Authorized Trainers, one of our respected peers,  or you have been part of our online FB family of students and email newsletter readers.  

It could be your potential as a trainer, your good marks, or your shining personality convinced one of my team members you would be a good fit in this program.  I can't wait to meet you at the next live event, during your final exams, and guide you into becoming a professional handwriting expert.  

There are hosting over 50 live classes in 2021 as part of this unique at-home mentoring program.  We hope you can attend as many as possible and get to know our amazing faculty.

- Bart Baggett, Founder of Handwriting University International
Author of The Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy, The Magic Question, and creator of the highly profitable Signature Makeover Workshops. 
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