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The author, Bart Baggett, is world renown handwriting expert, a Best Selling Author, and has trained thousands of people in India in handwriting analysis and Life Design. For the past 20 years, Mr. Baggett has been traveling to India speaking to audiences and appearing on over 1600 TV and radio shows. He is best known as one of the worlds' top Forensic Handwriting Experts and Founder of Handwriting Grab this book while it's still free. Meet him next time he is in India or start your certification training with his Indian based trainers.
Discover the personality secrets buried in anyone's handwriting. 
  • The 1 minute analysis of anyone from a signature.
  • Learn How to Easily Spot the 5 "Hell Traits" in 5 simple odd letter formations.
  • How to spot a lying, anger, paranoia, and over 35 accurate personality issues in handwriting.
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Dianne McCafferty

Engineer, Sandy Hook, CT
"I have already seen and experienced wonderful changes through handwriting and grapho-therapy. People at work now seek me out as an expert in my field, and I have had many recent offers to manage important projects. All this happened in about a month from raising my t-bar! Thanks Bart for the advice and great books."

Howard Stern

Celebrity Radio Host
"Before the show, I thought this handwriting stuff was a load of crap, but I was wrong. He nailed us, right on. Bart Baggett... cool guy." 
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